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Sort hotel list challenge

Problem statement Given a set of hotels and its guests reviews, sort the hotels based on a list of words specified by a user. The criteria to sort the hotels should be how many times the words specified by the user is mentioned in the hotel reviews. Input The first . . . Read more

Delta encoding challenge

Problem statement Given a list of numbers, e.g.: 25626 25757 24367 24267 16 100 2 7277 Output a delta encoding for the sequence. In a delta encoding, the first element is reproduced as is. Each subsequent element is represented as the numeric difference from the element before it. E.g. for . . . Read more

Sum of 2 numbers in an array

Problem statement Identify whether there exists a pair of numbers in an array such that their sum is equal to . Input The first line contains one integer , which is the sum we are trying to find. The second line contains one integer , which is the length of . . . Read more

Polygons challenge

Problem statement Identify whether four sides (given by four integers) can form a square, a rectangle, or neither. Input You will receive an list of strings, each containing four space-separated integers, which represent the length of the sides of a polygon. The input lines will follow the ‘A B C . . . Read more

Binary Search Tree to sorted doubly-linked list

Problem statement Given the root of a Binary Search Tree (BST), convert the BST to a sorted doubly linked list in-place. BST is formed only on left and right pointers. prev and next pointers are unassigned initially. Initialise prev and next pointers of Node for creating a doubly-linked list. BST . . . Read more

The maximum continuous and non-continuous subarray challenge

Problem statement Given an array of elements, find the maximum possible sum of a 1. Contiguous subarray 2. Non-contiguous (not necessarily contiguous) subarray. Empty subarrays/subsequences should not be considered. Input Format First line of the input has an integer . cases follow. Each test case begins with an integer . . . . Read more

Pots of gold

Problem statement Pots of gold game: Two players and . There are pots of gold arranged in a line, each containing some gold coins (the players can see how many coins are there in each gold pot – perfect information). They get alternating turns in which the player can pick . . . Read more

Get minimum time difference challenge

Problem statement Given an array of times in HH:MM format, find the minimum difference in minutes. The time is circular in nature. For example 23:52 and 00:08 have a difference of 16. Also 00:00 should be handled the same as 24:00. Solution The first key is to convert the string . . . Read more

SimpleUTF8 reverse challenge

Problem statement Consider the SimpleUTF8 format that consists of characters of the following length: – 1 byte which have the format 0XXXXXXX – 2 bytes which have the format 110XXXXX 10XXXXXX – 3 bytes which have the format 1110XXXX 10XXXXXX 10XXXXXX You will receive a byte[] str. Your task is . . . Read more