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Triple Sum

Problem Statement Given arrays of different sizes, find the number of distinct triplets where is an element of , written as , , and , satisfying the criteria: and For example, given and we find four distinct triplets: $latex(3,6,4), (3,6,6), (5,6,4), (5,6,6)$ Function Description Complete the triplets function in the . . . Read more

Ice Cream Parlor

Problem Statement Each time Sunny and Johnny take a trip to the Ice Cream Parlor, they pool their money to buy ice cream. On any given day, the parlor offers a line of flavors. Each flavor has a cost associated with it. Given the value of and the of each . . . Read more

Better Compression

Problem Statement Consider a string, S, that is a series of characters, each followed by its frequency as an integer. The string is not compressed correctly, so there may be many occurrences of the same character. A properly compressed string will consist of one instance of each character in alphabetical . . . Read more

Mud Walls

Problem Statement A child likes to build mud walls by placing mud between sticks positioned on a number line. The gap between sticks will be referred to as a cell, and each cell will contain one segment of wall. The height of mud in a segment cannot exceed 1 unit . . . Read more

Weird Faculty

Problem Statement This semester you are taking a course taught by a faculty member who has a weird way of grading tests. In a test, n questions will be asked, and the correctness of the answers is already determined. For the ith question, the verdict will be v[i] (where 0 . . . Read more

Longest Subarray

Problem Statement A subarray of array a is defined as a contiguous block of a’s elements having a length that is less than or equal to the length of the array. For example, the subarrays of array a = [1, 2, 3] are [1], [2], [3], [1, 2], [2, 3], . . . Read more

Maximum Difference in an Array

Problem Statement You are given an array of integers and must compute the maximum difference between any item and any lower indexed smaller item for all the possible pairs, i.e., for a given array ‘a’, find the maximum value of a[j] – a[i] for all i, j where 0 ≤ . . . Read more

Fun with Anagrams

Problem Statement Two strings are anagrams if they are permutations of each other. For example, “aaagmnrs” is an anagram of “anagrams”. Given an array of strings, remove each string that is an anagram of an earlier string, then return the remaining array in sorted order. For example, given the strings . . . Read more

Special Palindrome Again Challenge

Problem Statement A string is said to be a special palindromic string if either of two conditions is met: * All of the characters are the same, e.g. aaa. * All characters except the middle one are the same, e.g. aadaa. A specialpalindromic substring is any substring of a string . . . Read more

Making Anagrams Challenge

Problem Statement Alice is taking a cryptography class and finding anagrams to be very useful. We consider two strings to be anagrams of each other if the first string’s letters can be rearranged to form the second string. In other words, both strings must contain the same exact letters in . . . Read more