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Renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

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The other day I have received an email from the Let’s Encrypt Expiry Bot stating that my SSL certificate for the domain name lucaslouca.com is about to expire.

In this post I have extensively described how to setup a WordPress blog on an EC2 instance along with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Since I don’t want my visitors to encounter any errors when visiting my site I had to renew my SSL certificate. Here are the commands I used to renew my certificate:

Before I run letsencrypt, I temporarily disabled /var/www/html/.htaccess:

Run the letsencrypt command:

with output:

Enabled /var/www/html/.htaccess again:

Finally, go ahead and restart your web server:

In case the above method does not work anymore, please try:

Or use the following commands to create new ones