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Permutations challenge

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Problem statement
Given a list, nums, of distinct numbers, return all possible permutations.

Sample input


Sample output


We are using a technique called permutations by swapping.

Full code

class Solution(object):
    def swap(self, nums, i, j):
        tmp = nums[i]
        nums[i] = nums[j]
        nums[j] = tmp

    def solve(self, nums, i, result):
        if i == len(nums)-1:

        for j in range(i, len(nums)):
            self.swap(nums, i, j)
            self.solve(nums, i+1, result)
            self.swap(nums, i, j)

    def permute(self, nums):
        :type nums: List[int]
        :rtype: List[List[int]]
        ans = []
        self.solve(nums, 0, ans)
        return ans

def main():
    solution = Solution()

if __name__ == "__main__": main()