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Pascal Triangle

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Problem Statement
The figure below illustrates the first five rows of a graphic that is known as Pascal’s triangle. Each entry in each row before the last one is adjacent to one or two numbers in the lower row. It is a fact that each entry holds the sum of the numbers in the adjacent entries above it.
Write a program which takes as input a nonnegative integer n and returns the first n rows of Pascal’s triangle.

public class PascalTriangle2 {

    private static void solve(int rows) {
        int[] previousRow = new int[rows];
        previousRow[0] = 1;

        for (int r=1; r<=rows; r++) {

            System.out.print("1 ");
            int[] temp = new int[rows];
            temp[0] = 1;
            for (int c=1; c<r; c++) {
                int out = previousRow[c-1] + previousRow[c];


                temp[c] = out;

            previousRow = temp;

    public static void main(String[] args) {