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Longest Common Prefix

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Problem Statement

Write a function to find the longest common prefix string amongst an array of strings. If there is no common prefix, return an empty string "".


Example 1:
Input: ["flower","flow","flight"]
Output: "fl"
Example 2:
Input: ["dog","racecar","car"]
Output: ""
Explanation: There is no common prefix among the input strings.


class Solution {
    public String longestCommonPrefix(String[] strs) {
        if (strs.length == 0) {
            return "";
        String lcp = strs[0];
        for (int i=1; i<strs.length; i++) {
            String word = strs[i];
            int end = 0;
            for (int c=0; c<Math.min(lcp.length(), word.length()); c++) {
                if (word.charAt(c) == lcp.charAt(c)) {
                } else {
            lcp = lcp.substring(0, end);
        return lcp;