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Landscape launch image on iPhone

Landscape launch image iPhone (640x1136)

In this article I will describe how to add landscape launch images to your iPhone app. Landscape launch images are only supported on iPad apps (Apple Documentation).

Bellow I have listed the steps in order to circumvent this issue and add landscape images to your iPhone app.

Step 1: Add the Landscape Launch image(s) to your project

Provide the following images (just copy them to your project):
Default.png (320×480)
Default@2x.png (640×960)
Default-568h@2x.png (640×1136)

Landscape launch image iPhone (640x1136)

Landscape launch image iPhone (640×1136)

Apple doesn’t have landscape launch image for iPhone or iPod, so we need to provide rotated 90 degree of landscape image.

Just for the reference the iPad images would be:

Step 2: Don’t use asset catalogs

Go to your project’s settings -> General -> Launch Images and choose Don’t use asset catalogs.
Xcode should have automatically detected the images from Step 1. If not select them manually.