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Java application to list all cycles in an undirected and directed graph

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Problem Statement
Given a graph G = (V, E), list all cycles within G.



1. Compute a cycle basis of graph G = (V, E)
* Find a minimal spanning tree (V, E') of G, using Depth-first search (DFS) and its associated set of back edges
* If e in B is a back edge, insert it into the minimal spanning tree’s edges E' to form a set E'' = E' + {e}. The resulting graph (V, E'') has exactly one cycle, which may be constructed by applying a DFS
2. Generate the incidence vector of each cycle in the cycle basis
3. Create all possible combinations of the computed incidence vectors. Let the set of all combinations be C
4. Generate a cycle from each incidence vector in C

The below described algorithm is implemented in CycleUtil.java

Full code

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