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Group anagrams challenge

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Problem statement
Given an array of strings, group anagrams together.

Sample input

["eat", "tea", "tan", "ate", "nat", "bat"]

Sample output

  ["ate", "eat","tea"],

Note: All inputs will be in lower-case.

Full code

class Solution(object):
    def groupAnagrams(self, strs):
        :type strs: List[str]
        :rtype: List[List[str]]
        map = {}
        for w in strs:
            key = ''.join(sorted(w))
            if not key in map:
                map[key] = []
        return map.values()

def main():
    solution = Solution()
    print(solution.groupAnagrams(["eat", "tea", "tan", "ate", "nat", "bat"]))

if __name__ == "__main__": main()