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External sort large file

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Problem statement

If you have a 2 GB file with one string per line, which sorting algorithm would you use to sort the file and why?


The trick here is External Sort https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_sorting. Assuming we only have a limited amount of RAM. Let it be 200MB. With only 200MB of RAM we cannot load the entire file and sort it in place. We have to use external sort:

  1. Load the file in chunks of 200MB, sort them inplace (e.g. using Quicksort) and then write the sorted data to an output file on disk.
  2. Repeat Step 1 until you have read the entire file. For a 2GB file we will have 10 chunks.
  3. From every chunk read the first 15MB of data into an input buffer. With 10 chunks this would be a total of 150MB. Allocate 50MB for an output buffer.
  4. Perform a 10-way merge sort on the data and store the result in the output buffer. If the buffer is full, write the buffer data on disk and empty the buffer. If an input buffer is empty, read the next 15MB from the appropriate chunk until each chunk is fully processed.

Full code