Clobber: Don't Crash Into The Birds

Free iPhone Helicopter Game

Clobber: Don't Crash Into The Birds

Clobber is a side-scrolling iPhone game featuring 2D retro style graphics and a helicopter. It is based on the classic Helicopter and the famous Flappy Bird game. The objective is to direct a flying helicopter, which moves continuously to the right, between each oncoming birds, clouds and ground obstacles. The helicopter flies upward each time the player taps or touches the screen. If the screen is not tapped, the helicopter falls due to gravity. The player is scored on the distance the helicopter flew without crashing. Clobber Free iPhone Helicopter Game includes weapons, health and other items that make the game addicting and fun to play. The player can collect weapons to shoot and eliminate any birds and obstacles that are in the way! The combination of retro graphics and particle effects gives the game a unique twist. Clobber Helicopter Game for the iPhone is easy to learn but hard to master!

Clobber includes pixel art that is carefully designed for the iPhone

Introducing power ups in this new 2D side-scrolling game

Take advantage of Game Center and track your best scores on a leaderboard

Download Clobber for Free!

Clobber Free iPhone Helicopter Game is available for free download in the Apple App Store. Fully compatible with iOS 7+. Just click on the link bellow or search for Clobber in the App Store.

Clobber Free iPhone Helicopter Game Screenshots