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Generating CSV reports from SQL*Plus

Problem statement Suppose you have a query whose result needs to be exported as a CSV file. In addition some fields need to be parsed into a different format and columns need to be renamed. The SPOOL command The SPOOL command causes SQL*Plus to write the results to a file. . . . Read more

Build WAR file with Maven and deploy with Ant

Minimalistic Ant script for Tomcat war file deployment. This script first does a mvn clean and mvn install on the defined maven project. It then connects to the provided server, stops the running Tomcat, uploads the newly created .war file to the Tomcat’s webapp directory and starts the Tomcat again. . . . Read more

Landscape launch image on iPhone

Landscape launch image iPhone (640x1136)

In this article I will describe how to add landscape launch images to your iPhone app. Landscape launch images are only supported on iPad apps (Apple Documentation). Bellow I have listed the steps in order to circumvent this issue and add landscape images to your iPhone app. Step 1: Add . . . Read more

Implement a Game Center leaderboard (iOS 7)

This tutorial will teach you how to implement a Game Center leaderboard in an iOS 7 app. Step 1: Importing the GameKit Framework Assuming you have an existing project you need to import the GameKit Framework. This can be easily done by selecting the project name and under General->Linked Frameworks . . . Read more

Interstitial ads iPhone using the iAd framework

In this tutorial I will briefly explain several methods for adding interstitial ads iPhone in your iOS 7 App using the iAd framework. The example I will be working on is a small game implemented in Apple’s SpriteKit framework. The tutorial assumes that you have already created a new App . . . Read more