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Calculate the number of ways of representing n cents

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Problem Statement
Given an infinite number of quarters (25 cents), dimes (10 cents), nickels (5 cents) and pennies (1 cent), write code to calculate the number of ways of representing n cents

This is a recursive problem, so let’s figure out how to do makeChange(n) using prior solutions (i e , sub-problems) Let’s say n = 100, so we want to compute the number of ways of making change of 100 cents What’s the relationship to its sub-problems?

We know that makeChange(100):
= makeChange(100 using 0 quarters) + makeChange(100 using 1 quarter) + makeChange(100 using 2 quarter) + makeChange(100 using 3 quarter) + makeChange(100 using 4 quarter)

Can we reduce this further? Yes!
= makeChange(100 using 0 quarters) + makeChange(75 using 0 quarter) + makeChange(50 using 0 quarters) + makeChange(25 using 0 quarters) + 1

Now what? We’ve used up all our quarters, so now we can start applying our next biggest denomination: dimes. This leads to a recursive algorithm that looks like this: