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Archive for April 2017

The power sum challenge

Find the number of ways that a given integer, , can be expressed as the sum of the power of unique, natural numbers. Input Format The first line contains an integer . The second line contains an integer . Constraints Output Format Output a single integer, the answer to the . . . Read more

Minimum loss challenge

Problem statement Lauren has a chart of distinct projected prices for a house over the next years, where the price of the house in the year is . She wants to purchase and resell the house at a minimal loss according to the following rules: The house cannot be sold . . . Read more

Migrating WordPress site from a legacy hosting provider to AWS

Up until now my blog (lucaslouca.com) was hosted on a traditional/old fashioned hosting provider, Their service provided a fixed 10GB of hosting storage together with FTP access and a cPanel. So here are the reasons why I switched over to AWS: – Less expensive – More flexible due to the . . . Read more