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Archive for March 2017

Word in string challenge

Problem statement We say that a string, , contains the word hackerrank if a subsequence of the characters in s spell the word hackerrank. For example, haacckkerrannkk does contain hackerrank, but haacckkerannk does not (the characters all appear in the same order, but it’s missing a second r). More formally, . . . Read more

Recursive Digit Sum challenge

Problem statement We define super digit of an integer using the following rules: If has only digit, then its super digit is . Otherwise, the super digit of is equal to the super digit of the digit-sum of . Here, digit-sum of a number is defined as the sum of . . . Read more

Random video chat website using WebRTC

Seing as how many people are interested in my video-conference-webrtc project, I have decided to develop a random video chat website using WebRTC. The project is called rtcrandom and is hosted on GitHub. A live demo is also available at test.tengmo.chat. Pitch RTCRandom is an online (video)chat website that allows . . . Read more

Crossword Puzzle challenge

Problem statement A Crossword grid is provided to you, along with a set of words (or names of places) which need to be filled into the grid. The cells in the grid are initially, either + signs or – signs. Cells marked with a + have to be left as . . . Read more

Password Cracker challenge

Problem statement There are users registered on a website CuteKittens.com. Each of them have a unique password represented by . As this a very lovely site, many people want to access those awesomely cute pics of the kittens. But the adamant admin don’t want this site to be available for . . . Read more

How to setup Let’s Encrypt (SSL) Certificate on OpenShift

In previous posts I have described how to deploy a Node.js application to OpenShift. Now its time to add a custom alias to our Node.js application so that it is accessible through a custom domain, like test.testnode.com. Currently it is accessible only through testnode-lukesnode.rhcloud.com. Off course we also want valid . . . Read more